Enjoy the culinary delights in the hotel Gesser, prepared by the kitchen-chef and son of the house Mr. Clemens together with the Hotel-Owner, Mr. Anton. We are known for our balanced Tyrolean and International cuisine combined with Mediterranean influence.






In the morning we offer a rich breakfast buffet: You can choice from a variation of local breads, juices, tea-bar, cereals, jams, cheeses, sausages, ham, scrambled & boiled eggs, cake, etc.



In the evening for dinner we´re serving you a varied 3 Course menu of choice with a great buffet of salads, soup, main dish & sweet dessert! (A children’s menu and dietary preferences are self-evident for us and the weekly barbecue in the summer has just become a tradition ).











We use predominantly domestic preparation of food products and have a small select range of wines recommended & servied by the son and Young-Sommelier, Mr Markus together with the Hotel-Owner, Mrs. Patricia!